Automated Prospecting Tools

Agent Link helps you stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients using our exclusive suite of automated prospecting tools.

Consumer Lead Generation

Get in front of high net worth prospects using Agent Link’s U.S. consumer database, the most accurate and comprehensive in the industry.

21st-Century Marketing Intelligence

Keep your finger on the pulse of your target market with Agent Link’s cutting-edge market research. Learn about your market’s aspirations, values, emotional buttons, and biggest challenges—so you can create marketing materials with impact.

A Complete Set of Marketing Resources and Solutions for Insurance Producers

  • Solutions for prospecting—the number-one challenge of agents according to the latest research

  • Educational resources to power your business vision and marketing strategy

  • Automated tools to boost referral business

  • Access to the hottest opportunities in the industry

  • One-on-one marketing consulting and strategy planning

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Specialization and Services

Agent Link’s effective prospecting and marketing solutions are designed with one sole purpose: TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS.

Lead Generation

Get in front of 16.9 million prospects with income-producing assets of $250,000+. Watch your business grow.

Automated Prospecting Tools

Get more repeat business and referrals.

Custom Website Design

Show off your expertise and professionalism to your current and future clients.

Social Media Integration

A vital element of your prospecting and marketing system.

Business Opportunities

Access to the hottest opportunities in your market to handle your specific needs and challenges.

Custom Marketing Solutions

Custom creative and marketing services help you stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients.

Clients & Testimonials

Our rave client testimonials show our commitment to delivering results.

Sagicor Life
Phoenix Life
Mutual of Omaha
Legal & General America
Columbus Life Insurance Co.
Assurity Life
  • As a financial services professional with more than 25 years of experience, I have grown to understand the importance of having timely, accurate, and relevant content that benefits me directly and that I can share with my business partners and clients. AgenteNews is one of my go-to resources to keep myself fully informed. Reading great content from Agent eNews not only adds to my professionalism, but it also saves me considerable time and energy by doing my research for me!
  • Agent Link understands marketing.  Marketing efforts can be really disappointing when you don't understand how it works. Agent Link will help you create a marketing plan and put it on auto pilot. This was KEY for me as an agent, and it was great to have consistent leads coming in so all I had to do was focus on seeing my prospects.
  • Thank you very much for all your support and help.  I really appreciate your proactive approach and all the hard work you put in every day for agents like us.
  • Here's what I think of AgenteNews.  I recently unsubscribed from all of the other online publications I receive except AgenteNews!
  • AgenteNews is an absolute must-have if you are in the insurance or financial services business.  It has all the various topics we need to know in order to grow our business.  Even better, it includes new ways to grow and/or expand your business— adding more value to your clients and more revenue to your bottom line.  AgenteNews is one of those [online publications] that you can’t afford to miss. It has changed my business more than any of the other online publication out there.  After more than 20 years, I have learned that you never stop learning in this business.  AgenteNews has continued to prove this to me on a regular basis.
  • The campaign is going great!!  We are very excited about the prospects we are receiving.  I have been very satisfied with the results of the mailings we did using your lists.   We have had more responses from this mailing than from previous mailings that used different list providers.  We are already talking about doing another campaign.
  • Agent Link’s staff is very professional, courteous, efficient, helpful and extremely pleasant.  Agent Link’s method of passing leads works better than any other method.  The leads are responsive to our return calls.  I have no doubt something will come from this campaign. . . . Agent Link does what most do not:  they give us qualified contacts; not just a lukewarm (at best) list of names.  Using Agent Link is the best experience we have ever had with marketing!!!
  • Working with the professionals at Agent Link for our new marketing campaign turned out to be everything they promised.  Their expertise helped set the direction—their friendliness was a pleasure—they cared about the results and the leads piled up even bigger than expected—now, how do you beat that?!!
  • Agent Link has an exceptional service and creative team.  They guided us through our learning process and ultimately helped us deploy a successful campaign.  With each release, their creative team reviewed our results and made adjustments to our creative to increase our lead potential.  Overall, we were very happy with the services and the attention to detail that Agent Link provided.  We will certainly use them again!
  • We have used Agent Link for the past three years and consider them to be a part of our Marketing Department.  They understand our business and help us to do what we do even better.
  • What makes Agent Link stand out above the rest is the great staff.  You can tell they really care about the results and what we need and want, so that they are sure to deliver THAT.  Everyone there is really professional and does a good job and they’re always right on top of everything.
  • . . . Our experience with Agent Link has been outstanding. We always get personal attention and the company makes sure that we are satisfied with the results.

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