What does Agent Link do?

Agent Link is a full service insurance marketing, public relations and branding company that exclusively services insurance companies, insurance wholesalers and insurance agents in the U.S. We offer marketing and PR consultation and strategy planning as well as marketing execution for our clients. We have a number of custom proprietary tools such as our own in-house insurance agent database and custom lead-tracking campaign dashboard that allows us to track all of our campaigns.

Who are our clients?

Our clients range from the large Fortune 500 insurance companies with a few thousand employees to sole proprietors in the insurance industry, i.e. insurance agents.

What makes Agent link different?

Our commitment to results. We goal is to take each client to the next level. We deliver what we promise and always strive to improve our products and services to serve the market needs.

When was Agent Link founded?

Agent Link was founded in 2009 by Stu and Senia Gramajo, a team of marketing-savvy and passionate entrepreneurs.

Is Agent Link a growing company?

Since its inception, Agent Link has experienced tremendous double digit growth every year. Now in our fifth we are continuing to expand, having just had our best quarter ever in sales. We have exciting new products in development that will continue to take us on this vertical climb toward solidifying our position as a leader in insurance industry as a top advertising, public relations, branding and lead generation company.

What about Agent Link team?

We take great pride in our exceptional team. In our Clearwater, FL office, we currently have a team of 15 employees who are very productive and passionate about what they do. We have zero tolerance for office politics and talking negative about teammates. We are all focused on ensuring that we deliver great results for our clients and that each one of our clients is so satisfied that they’re ready to offer a rave testimonial.

What challenges do our employees have?

We are committed to perfection in our service to our clients. Our employees need to be self-motivated, dedicated, take pride in their personal work, and be accountable for the vital goals of their position and of the company as a whole. Initiative, ability to work in a team, ownership of one’s job, and ensuring that our clients experience continual success in their marketing and advertising are key. We rely on each member of our team to go above and beyond.

Why should you join our company?

Because we are winners, have the know-how and can get the job done.

At Agent Link, we firmly believe that it is the culture of an organization that sets it apart from others. We pride ourselves in our distinct company culture that reflects itself not only in the stellar results we achieve for our clients but in the high morale of our team members. The Agent Link company culture is characterized by:

1. Teamwork.

Positive team spirit, good communication and strong connections with co-workers, and mutual kindness keep our team working together as a well-oiled machine.

2. Exceeding expectations.

We go above and beyond not only for each other but for our clients. We pride ourselves in delivering what is promised—and more than this whenever possible. As consummate professionals, we do our work with care and do whatever it takes to get the job done, ensuring clients are enthusiastically satisfied, exchanging in abundance, and delivering valuable RESULTS.

3. Building lasting relationships.

We’re about creating strong connections with each other as well as with our clients. This makes for rewarding friendships among our teammates as well as lucrative, mutually beneficial relationships with cherished clients.

4. Passion for marketing.

We are passionate about helping businesses grow through the effective uses of marketing, advertising, and public relations. What could be more exciting than watching a business expand through the power of effective marketing?

5. Work hard, play hard.

The Agent Link team knows very well: hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Games, fun, and rewards go hand in hand with stellar production.

6. Strive for better.

Our team prides itself in our willingness to gain more knowledge and in our constant striving for improvement, both professionally and personally.

7. Have a can-do, positive attitude.

At Agent Link, we pride ourselves in being able to make things go right no matter what. It all starts with a positive attitude and a willingness to meet whatever challenges come our way.

8. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

The famous Golden Rule is simple, but it goes a long way within our company and in our interactions with clients.

Before Agent Link I worked as a freelancer, and part of the reason why I decided to move to a company was because I wanted to be able to interact with others as part of a team. In this way, Agent Link has far exceeded my expectations. Stu and Senia do a great job at building a group of professionals who are also a pleasure to work with. There is a team spirit here and also a spirit of play and games that make you look forward to coming to work every day. If you like to work hard and want the satisfaction of achieving great things, all while in a high-morale environment, Agent Link is an ideal workplace.
Working at Agent Link I've learned so much and continue to learn every day. Here at Agent Link we are a team and everyone works together. It's great teamwork and positive energy that is spread throughout the entire office. I am so proud to be working here!
I can honestly say, for the first time in my adult life, that I actually enjoy waking up in the morning and going in to work. Agent Link is a great place to work, everyone on the team is upbeat, friendly and hardworking, which makes for a great office environment. Everyone is always striving to do better, and that kind of attitude inspires me to do the same. I enjoy my job, and I definitely enjoy working for people who respect and treat me very well.
At AgentLink, I'm treated like family! They really care about you as an individual. Senia, the President, and 'Stu,' the CEO, are very genuine people and always positive. The atmosphere is casual and we all work hard together and as a team to get results.
At Agent Link we work hard and we play hard. It's great to work with a group that likes what they do, and not to just collect a paycheck. We are all invested in ensuring our company and our clients succeed. Every day in the office is exciting and challenging. More fun is had here than at any other company I have ever worked for. I can't wait to come in tomorrow!
I love working at Agent Link because we work hard together but also have a great time doing it. I love that we are a close-knit group—we all have our personality differences, but we come together to get important production done, and then we go out together to celebrate a great month (we've been treated to dinner and movies, trips to amusement parks, an evening out to hear a coworker play in his band, etc.). Having fun rewards to celebrate and socialize together brings us closer together which for me is a recipe for much higher job satisfaction. It's more than just a 'job.' That's what I was looking for, I wanted to be a part of a group that was more than just the regular cold corporate 9-to-5. I also love the company training that they offer; they have the option for me to learn more about my job (at no cost to me) and get that enhancement during work hours so I can improve my skills and enhance my qualifications—a nice added benefit that most companies don't offer.
I have found that working here means being part of a tight-knit team. It encompasses being able to show one's worth by performing. There are others here to help you perform, but it is up to you to take responsibility. If you're willing to show what you've got, you'll be recognized for your hard work.
I really like being a part of Agent Link. It makes such a difference to be surrounded by competent people who are working toward the same goals. Something I definitely noticed about this company is how hard work does not go unnoticed. When I put a lot of effort and make my targets, I always get acknowledged and it really does encourage me to continue to work hard. Morale is high when things are getting done and clients are happy. It feels great! In addition to being able to work with people who I really consider to be my friends, I feel like I'm actually able to create a positive effect by doing my job and that is so cool!